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Realistic traffic signals for ETS 2 v.1.26

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Realistic traffic signal mod for ETS 2

A small but rather interesting addition to the ETS 2 simulator, designed to increase the realism of the game world. The mod changes the algorithm of the traffic lights. After installing it, virtual truckers will find it much more interesting to travel inside cities and in the suburbs, it will fit particularly well into the modification of the Russian map, where the area of cities is much higher than in standard locations.

The mod of modified realistic traffic signals for Euro Truck Simulator 2 prescribes a different duration for switching on one or another color: red will light for thirty seconds, yellow three, this time will be enough for the driver to prepare for the movement, and green will turn on twenty, where the last five will blink. In addition, the standby mode is activated at night, the yellow signal flashes from midnight to four in the morning.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.26
Author(s) mod:

Dear site user, whatever new mod you have installed in your game, do not forget to experience the quality of New trucks on the roads of the simulator ETS 2!

realism traffic lights

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