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Installing mods in the ETS 2 simulator

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Since it will not work to install any add-ons in Euro Truck Simulator 2 in one click, it’s worth the beginners to read a little instruction. This instruction will allow you to add any modifications to the game - from trucks to maps. The main task is to add add-on files to the mod folder - it is always on the PC where the ETS2 project is installed.

When downloading add-ons, pay attention to the file format in it. It should always be alone - this is _.scs. Files are archived. Therefore, after downloading the archive, you first need to pull out (extract) from it everything you need.

To make the instruction more understandable, we will break the installation of a specific add-on into 3 steps. We will install three add-ons at once: Mario Map, Special Vehicles Traffic and DAF F241. As a result of the installation procedure, we will be able to fly on a new vintage DAF truck across entire continents, and on the roads there will also be special vehicles with flashing lights on.

1. We have three archives. They must be unpacked. Choose any convenient place for files. For unpacking, use the standard archiver functionality (if there is no archiver, install, for example, 7ZIP).

Installing mods in the ETS 2

2. Go to the folder with the game files in the documents on your PC, it’s directly called: Euro TruckSimulator 2. In it, find the mod folder (default name). We send files from both archives to this folder. Caution, select only .scs files! If there are any images in the archive, text documents with instructions, you do not need to send them to mod.

Installing mods in the ETS 2

3. So, the files related to traffic and the map are uploaded. Now you need to open ETS 2. In the drivers menu, click on your profile. There is a column: Change - this is what we need. A window appeared - here are all the add-ons that we uploaded to the game folder. Mark necessary modifications. Next, do not forget to apply the changes.

Installing mods in the ETS 2

On this installation is completed, you do not even need to restart Euro Truck Simulator 2. As a result, we got a huge map that allows you to travel almost around the world, a new truck and traffic with special vehicles with flashing lights and siren on.

Installing mods in the ETS 2