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Google Maps voice navigator

12 301
Mod Google Maps voice navigator for ETS 2

The Google Maps voice navigation mod will help Euro Truck Simulator 2 players easily navigate the vast expanses of virtual gaming freeways, city streets and endless rural roads. The supplement uses the navigation of the cartographic service Google Maps, and in addition to the Russian language, it is available in six more, in addition, you can choose a voice assistant, that is, speech can be conducted in both male and female voices.

Luuk Faasse

Head-Up Display

6 587
1.27 - 1.30
Mod Head-Up Display for ETS 2

The Head-Up Display mod does not bring any radical changes to the gameplay of the ETS 2 simulator, but is most likely created for a better visual experience. With his help, in trucks equipped with a standard car navigator, it becomes possible to install a projection GPS navigator mounted in the windshield. Installation of the accessory is standard, and is available both when buying a tractor, and when upgrading it in the garage.


GPS navigator Garmin 50LMT

6 697
1.26 - 1.27
Mod GPS navigator Garmin 50LMT for ETS 2

The new modification allows you to add to the truck interior, both standard and added, a very useful useful accessory, GPS navigator Garmin 50LMT. Settings allow you to place the device in any part of the windshield at a suitable angle, paint in any color from the color palette presented. The addition brings significant diversity to the game, allowing you to give the virtual world more realism.


Realistic GPS Navigation

13 477
1.14 - 1.34
Mod Realistic GPS Navigation for ETS 2

The new interface of GPS navigators adds a little more realism to the game. The changes affected almost all the devices registered in the game, regardless of their location. The player can place the navigator anywhere in the cockpit, whether on a dashboard, or on the windshield, or even located in the dashboard, in any case, the update will work. So feel free to jump into the cab of your car and navigate the new image.