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Gazelle - GAZ-2705, 2784, 3302, 330202 and 33023

59 171
1.27 - 1.40
Mod Gazelle - GAZ-2705, 2784, 3302, 330202 and 33023 for ETS 2

Fans of Euro Truck Simulator 2 have a long-awaited opportunity to experience in the game world Russian Gazelle cars of almost all generations and modifications. Thanks to the grandiose mod, now in the game small-tonnage cars produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant are available for purchase. Upon purchase, a huge selection of chassis, cabs, engines, dashboards and much more will be provided, and for tuning there is an assortment of spare parts.


Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.39 - 1.40

GAZ-3310 - Valdai and GAZ-3302 - GAZelle

14 852
1.27 - 1.35
Mod GAZ-3310 - Valdai and GAZ-3302 - GAZelle for ETS 2

The small trucks GAZ-3310 - Valdai and GAZ-3302 - GAZelle, manufactured by the Gorky Automobile Plant, significantly diversify the virtual world of roads. Several options for the chassis have been prepared for the player, including the Long type, an additional interior, and a set of original sound effects has been added. The model is well detailed and optimized, which eliminates the possibility of errors in the gameplay.

Max Masakin, Cyril Mladsi, Alexander Prosnyakov, Shurpan

Updated: 2020-01-30
Because of: Added version 1.2 for ETS2 1.33 - 1.35

GAZ-3302 Gazelle-Business

12 186
1.16 - 1.31
Mod GAZ-3302 Gazelle-Business for ETS 2

The Gazelle-Business car GAZ-3302 from the Gorky Automobile Plant is presented in decent quality, a high-poly model, coupled with high-resolution textures, give the mod maximum realism. On the chassis, there is one cabin with an engine and gearbox, but the player has the choice between an open box or a van. A well-made interior with a dashboard nicely complements the modification.

Max Masakin, Artem Abbasov, Cyril Mladsi, Alexander Kuzmin, vovangt4, Unic

Updated: 2019-12-28
Because of: Added version by Valera_t for ETS2 1.31