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Bus mod Volvo 9700 Grand for ETS 2 v.1.14 - 1.34, 1.39 - 1.40

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Mod bus Volvo 9700 Grand for ETS 2

The first Volvo 9700 Grand bus left the assembly line in 2001, and the company's engineers implemented the best innovative solutions of the time. In terms of beauty and comfort, a passenger vehicle can be compared with a prestigious airliner. The aerodynamic quality of the Volvo body, the coziness and elegance of the passenger compartment and the convenience of the driver’s workplace put transport above their counterparts.

In addition to Euro Truck Simulator 2, not only the Volvo 9700 Grand bus mod, but a whole series of models based on the Volvo TX platform will be available to the virtual trucker. The choice of transmission is very wide, it is a high or low base, three and two-axle chassis. The pack includes a range of engines with different power, two types of gearboxes and characteristic wheels with chrome wheels. The authors of the modification to the ETS 2 simulator really tried to give a kind of realism and greater originality to the driver’s workplace and passenger compartment, where people can be accommodated, as we can see with the passenger transport mod. And of course, the kit contains a large set of branded skins and a small number of tuning elements to give a unique, distinctive appearance.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.14 - 1.34, 1.39 - 1.40
For sale in salons: Volvo
Author(s) mod:
Download Volvo 9700 Grand for ETS 2: 1.14 - 1.17
Download Volvo 9700 Grand for ETS 2: 1.27
Download Volvo 9700 Grand v.2.0 for ETS 2: 1.27 - 1.30
Download Volvo 9700 Grand v.2.0 for ETS 2: 1.31 - 1.34
Download Volvo 9700 Grand for ETS 2: 1.39
Download Volvo 9700 Grand for ETS 2: 1.40

Updated: 2021-04-02
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.40

Dear user of the site, for passenger transportation by bus, do not forget to download and install Passenger mod for all ETS 2 simulator versions!

Volvo bus

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