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Mod Hella Rallye 3000 for ETS 2 v.1.30 - 1.36

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Hella Rallye 3000 Extra Headlight Mod for ETS 2

A small, but very useful and pleasant modification adds to the ETS 2 simulator new additional headlights from the well-known European manufacturer of automotive lighting. The Hella Rallye 3000 headlight mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 was made in high quality, in addition to the lighting models themselves, the authors implemented their own visualization of the glow and light.

All the lights are suitable for installation on standard trucks as well as authoring modes of trucks, and are presented in three colors: white, blue and yellow, and there is also a version with a closed lid, decorated with a company logo. In addition, the player is given a choice of three types of body material: plastic, painted in the color of the cabin or coated with chrome.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.30 - 1.36
Author(s) mod:
Download Hella Rallye 3000 v.1.2 for ETS 2: 1.30
Download Hella Rallye 3000 v.1.4 for ETS 2: 1.30 - 1.31
Download Hella Rallye 3000 v.1.4 for ETS 2: 1.27 - 1.35
Download Hella Rallye 3000 v.1.41 for ETS 2: 1.35 - 1.36

Updated: 2019-12-23
Because of: Added version 1.41 for ETS2 1.35 - 1.36

Dear site user, your new tuning kit, spare parts or original wheels will surely fit many autor's world trucks simulator ETS 2!

Hella lights

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  1. 21-06-2019 в 10:26
    Да модификация небольшая но очень интересная.Мод предлагает оригинальные фары на грузовик.Перепробовал разные цвета света и разные корпуса фар.Вообщем мне понравился мод.Рекомендую всем попробовать.
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