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Truck mod KamAZ-5410 for ETS 2 v.1.26 - 1.30

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Mod of the Soviet truck KamAZ-5410 for ETS 2

KamAZ-5410 is a legend among tractors that gained mass popularity in the seventies. And until now, the model is considered the property of the Soviet Union and the dignity of the domestic auto industry, able to make reliable trucks. The author of the mod decided not to redo the dashboard, so it is in retro style based on a real prototype. High-quality animation of leverage makes it clear that you are sitting exactly at the wheel of KamAZ.

Small cabin height, chassis formula in classic: 6x4. Two engines will be an excellent complement to the variety of modifications implemented in ETS 2. One with 260 horsepower, the other engine with 100 horses more. Many great accessories, you can install spoilers in different colors, as well as radiators. Doors are decorated with strips reflecting color. There is a special lighting equipment. You can repaint the bumper in a single style or several colors. Inside, curtains are allowed. The mod will decorate your collection of Russian trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.26 - 1.30
For sale in salons: Volvo
Author(s) mod:
Download KamAZ-5410 v.1.0 for ETS 2: 1.24 - 1.26
Download KamAZ-5410 v.1.0 for ETS 2: 1.27 - 1.30

Updated: 2019-12-26
Because of: Added version 1.0 for ETS2 1.27 - 1.30

Dear user of the site, traveling on the roads on the domestic truck, to feel like a real Russian trucker, we recommend you to download and install the mod Russian radio stations for any version of ETS 2 simulator!

KamAZ truck tractor

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Mod KamAZ-5410 for ETS 2


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Total 3 commentary:

  1. 05-05-2018 в 08:27
    Игра очень понравилась!Прекрасная графика ландшафта тягачей,огромное количество разных грузов и довольно большое количество грузовиков которые можно модифицировать.Получаю от неё только удовольствие,всем советую!
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  2. Ева
    09-03-2018 в 08:55
    КамАЗ-5410 представлен именно таким, каким я его вижу в реальном мире. Иногда хочется почувствовать себя рулевым этой легенды нашего отечества и здесь есть такая возможность! Удивило наличие штор с характерной окантовкой. Всё продуманно до мелочей. Катайтесь на здоровье!
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  3. 10-02-2018 в 11:34
    Ну супер!!! Не думал что до 1.30 обновят. Благодарю за такой подарок.
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