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Mod Map of Peru for ETS 2 v.1.26 - 1.36

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Map Puno Peru mod for ETS 2

The Republic of Peru is located in South America on the Pacific coast. The close proximity to the equator and the warm, humid climate contributed to the formation of a special ecosystem. The nature of the region is striking in its beauty, which the developers of the Peru mod map for Euro Truck Simulator 2 tried to show. Of course, the modification is not as large as the map of Brazil, but the beauty of the scenery of the surrounding area will more than pay for this trifle.

The virtual trucker of the ETS 2 simulator in the Map Puno Peru mod is waiting for quite interesting, and sometimes complex driving routes. The difficult mountainous terrain and shady forest roads will allow you to focus on the track and realize all your truck driving skills. Along the way, you will come across original villages and cities with characteristic buildings and infrastructure, endless green plains, mountain ranges, lakes and much more.

The mod of the new map is autonomous, so you need to start the game with a new profile and select the location Puno_peru.mbd. The following DLCs are also required: Scandinavia, Going East and Vive la France.

Traveling to new places will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.26 - 1.36
Author(s) mod:
Download Map of Peru v.1.4 for ETS 2: 1.26
Download Map of Peru v.1.5 for ETS 2: 1.27
Download Map of Peru v.1.6 for ETS 2: 1.30
Download Map of Peru v.1.7 for ETS 2: 1.31
Download Map of Peru v.1.8 for ETS 2: 1.33 - 1.34
Download Map of Peru v.1.9 for ETS 2: 1.35
Download Map of Peru v.1.9 for ETS 2: 1.36

Updated: 2020-05-11
Because of: Added version 1.9 for ETS2 1.36

Dear user of the site, carrying out the transportation of goods across the expanses of Russian maps, to enhance the effect of realism, we recommend you to download and install the mod Russian radio stations for all versions of the simulator ETS 2!

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  1. 29-06-2019 в 09:50
    Эта карта - явное отражение Перу! Я считаю ,что автор постарался над своей работой на славу. На этой карте игрок сможет почувствовать небольшую атмосферу Перу, играя ETS 2.
    Спасибо автору за это
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