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Mercedes-Benz AeroDynamic Trailer

13 540
1.33 - 1.40
Mod Mercedes-Benz AeroDynamic Trailer for ETS 2

New trailers in the game are always welcomed with great joy by the players of the ETS 2 simulator. This time, modern trailers from the German company Mercedes-Benz, differing in aerodynamic air resistance, have appeared in the game. The MB AeroDynamic semi-trailer mod looks very realistic, original skins have been added, as well as an impressive set of branded spare parts for external tuning.

Amir Mahdavi (AM), Mehdi Anti, Sagittariusjr

Updated: 2021-03-20
Because of: Added version 1.2 for ETS2 1.36 - 1.40

Scania PWT S500 + Trailer

12 571
1.28 - 1.36, 1.45 - 1.48
Mod Scania PWT S500 + Trailer for ETS 2

The original Scania PWT S500 heavy truck mod adds to the game world of the ETS 2 simulator a real-life tractor with a trailer. The authors managed to reproduce for sure not only the appearance of the truck, but also accurately recreate the interior of the cabin from real photos. On the technical side, an engine with a capacity of 500 horsepower, eight gearboxes at 6 and 12 speeds, own wheels and a set of sound effects were implemented.

Caspian Custom Team

Updated: 2023-07-26
Because of: Added version 1.4 for ETS2 1.45 - 1.48

Railway Cargo Pack

8 876
1.26 - 1.38
Mod Railway Cargo Pack for ETS 2

The mod of railway cargo will add to the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2 more variety and interest in the gameplay. With its help, new trailers with loads will appear, and of course, additional tasks associated with their transportation. Among the goods there are locomotives, wagons, tanks of different times and countries, as well as copies of urban rail transport, such as trams and subway cars. The add-on is completely autonomous, so semi-trailers are also found in traffic. All models are of high quality and have a photographically accurate appearance.


Updated: 2020-08-14
Because of: Added version 2.1.2 for ETS2 1.37 - 1.38

New tanks - Cistern Menci

11 005
1.32 - 1.36
Mod New tanks - Cistern Menci for ETS 2

The Cistern Menci mod, adding new high-quality tanks to the ETS 2 simulator game world, will be an excellent gift for lovers of new loads and trailers. All tanks are available for purchase and added to the traffic, have photographic accuracy with real prototypes. You can choose from a painted or chrome model, as well as four original skins and a template for creating them. Additionally, you can install a pack of autonomous goods.


Animal trailer

6 988
1.35 - 1.37
Mod Animal trailer for ETS 2

A new mod of animal trailers with the original name Animal trailer implements open passenger trailers in the game world of the ETS 2 simulator, with cows and horses of various colors placed on them. All animals have their own animation, creating the illusion of realism. The add-on is small in size and not demanding on resources, and provides diversity in traffic flow.

Todor Alin

Updated: 2020-08-13
Because of: Added version 2.0 for ETS2 1.37

VAK Trailers

7 591
1.33 - 1.40
Mod VAK Trailers for ETS 2

The mod, adding trailers from the Finnish company VAK, is designed to significantly diversify the gameplay of Euro Truck Simulator 2. In total, 14 trailers of 4 and 4.4 meters are sold on a chassis with two, three, four and five axles, including a container ship, refrigerated trucks, curtain semi-trailers and with sliding doors, and even double hitch. All trailers have original wheels and are available for purchase in the property, support tuning and current functions of the game.

Kast, Fabry85, Ogentor, Abasstreppas

Updated: 2021-04-04
Because of: Added version 2.7.1 for ETS2 1.40

Mercedes-Benz Arocs Agrar with Kipper trailer

8 277
1.35 - 1.36
Mod Mercedes-Benz Arocs Agrar with Kipper trailer for ETS 2

A new interesting mod of the Mercedes-Benz Arocs Agrar truck, designed specifically for agricultural needs with a special Kipper trailer with a front rotary axle, will delight the virtual drivers of the ETS 2 simulator. The authors have prepared an original cab, several types of tractor chassis, including BDF, 10 engines ranging from 326 to 625 horsepower with their sounds, eight gearboxes, and most importantly a special Kipper trailer, available for purchase in the property.

CyrusTheVirus, Maxi.S, Chris Dre, Kevin Funke,Matze, STv-Modding

Scania Streamline - Car Truck

7 352
1.35 - 1.36
Mod Scania Streamline - Car Truck for ETS 2

The new mod adds a new type of truck to Scania dealerships - the Scania Streamline auto transporter with a two-axle trailer for transporting cars. When buying a truck, you can choose a chassis with two or three axles. After purchasing the trailer, Euro Truck Simulator 2 players will have new assignments for delivering Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Lamborghini and Porsche cars on the cargo exchange.


Painted BDF Traffic Pack

6 231
1.26 - 1.47
Mod Painted BDF Traffic Pack for ETS 2

Continuation of the popular modification from the author Jazzycat, implementing in the game world Euro Truck Simulator 2 road trains with logos of famous companies applied to trailers and cabs of tractors. The mod is Autonomous and completely universal, as it has proven its performance on almost all additional maps, and is compatible with all known packs of the above-mentioned author. As a result, the addition includes 558 tandem trailer and 1010 skins of real-life famous brands.


Updated: 2023-06-27
Because of: Added version 14.4 for ETS2 1.47

Painted Truck Traffic Pack

4 228
1.25 - 1.38
Mod Painted Truck Traffic Pack for ETS 2

With the new mod Painted Truck Traffic Pack on the highways and ordinary roads simulator ETS 2 will trucks with trailers, decorated with logos of famous companies and brands. The modification is universal, as it works with additional author's maps, besides, it is not demanding to resources. Developers, in total, were implemented 812 skins. The addition greatly improves the perception of the game world, increasing realism and diversity.


Updated: 2020-08-13
Because of: Added version 10.9 for ETS2 1.38