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Trailers and cargo for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Trailers and cargo for Euro Truck Simulator 2Standard trailers do not impress you at all, or are you just tired of them, since you already have thousands of game hours on your account? This problem in the case of Euro Truck Simulator 2 should not sadden you. A variety of trailers are available for download on our website. Each player who spent many hours in ETS 2 knows that not only cars are important in the project, but also cargo, as well as all kinds of trailers, which are a kind of highlight of the game. Thanks to such innovations, you can make a large share of the variety in the game project, which will make your long trips even more interesting. Download trailers now!

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Pack of oversized cargo

12 207
1.19 - 1.30
Mod Pack of oversized cargo for ETS 2

New oversized cargo on semi-axle trailers significantly increase the diversity of the gameplay, since their transportation is far from an easy task. Oversize weight varies from 18 to 80 tons, which in turn sets the task of buying a new, more powerful tractor, or modernizing an existing one. The large length and dimensions will require the driver maximum driving and maneuvering skills not only on the road, but also on the territory of the base.

Fred Be, Solaris36, Jawa, Benben, Wargaming, Wot_Fan, Unknown

Updated: 2019-12-26
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.28 - 1.30

Trailer Pack - Penguins Trailer and Cargo

5 393
1.19 - 1.35
Mod Trailer Pack - Penguins Trailer and Cargo for ETS 2

Penguins Trailer and Cargo for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not resource-intensive and does not load the system at all. The complement kit contains sixteen high-quality trailers with logos of large well-known corporations and more than one hundred seventy completely new types of cargo. The mod is autonomous, that is, new tasks in agencies will appear along with standard tasks. The player will be interested in new shipments.

Pengu, Matdom, KaLeu57

Updated: 2019-12-26
Because of: Added version 5.5 for ETS2 1.35


7 259
1.16 - 1.36
Mod MAZ-9758 for ETS 2

The MAZ-9758 three-axle semi-trailer is produced in several types of modifications, from the refrigerator to the platform, with a payload capacity of up to 26 tons. The trailer is fully adapted to work with all Soviet and Russian truck tractors. In our version, we have a van type version covered with an awning. The authors used realistic textures, which allowed to achieve maximum realism in the game world of virtual roads.

DESKPRO, Maz_Man, Stels, Koljan

Updated: 2020-01-10
Because of: Added version for ETS2 1.32 - 1.36

Trailers and Cargo Pack

14 096
1.15 - 1.40
Mod Trailers and Cargo Pack for ETS 2

A universal supplement that adds 173 semi-trailers and 736 units of cargo to the simulator. The originality of the modification lies in the fact that new companies with trailers are located not only on the standard game map, but also located on the author’s locations. The added models do not replace the standard ones, but are assigned in a new way, that is, the player will be able to choose tasks for transporting both standard loads and extended ones. So get behind the wheel, and go!


Updated: 2021-04-02
Because of: Added version 9.5 for ETS2 1.37 - 1.40

TZ trailer pack

3 952
1.14 - 1.39
Mod TZ trailer pack for ETS 2

Each player is bored with the implementation of monotonous tasks over time, so it's time to add a huge number of new trailers to the game. In this package, a virtual trucker will find many new products, including chrome-plated fuel tanks, trailers for transporting logs, sand and other bulk cargo, and even with a reinforced concrete base. Models made flawlessly, have excellent detail and high-quality textures.

TZ Rommi

Updated: 2021-03-24
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.39

New trailers

5 196
1.14 - 1.31
Mod New trailers for ETS 2

It's time to transport new types of cargo. But on ordinary platforms, their transportation will become very difficult, so the authors added 68 new high-quality platforms to the modification. Trailers look very solid, and transportation of buses, truck cranes, construction and other equipment is available as cargo. The weight category varies from lightweight to large-tonnage and overall, which may require a powerful truck.


Updated: 2019-12-26
Because of: Added version 8.4 for ETS2 1.31

Military Cargo Pack

6 608
1.25 - 1.40
Mod Military Cargo Pack for ETS 2

First of all, a pack of trailers with military equipment will be interesting to fans of army subjects. If desired, the player can register them not only in the orders of agencies, but also in traffic. All models are made in high quality, using high-resolution textures. On the platforms you can see not only modern army equipment, but also rare items, including helicopters, armored personnel carriers, tanks, boats and others.


Updated: 2021-03-31
Because of: Added version 5.0 for ETS2 1.37 - 1.40

Pak trailers RC.Team

3 852
1.27 - 1.30
Mod Pak trailers RC.Team for ETS 2

New huge pack of trailers and platforms with cargo from popular authors RC.Team add such types as Fuel Cistern and Thermos. The total number of new products has exceeded fifty, all models have high-quality skins, and high-resolution textures are prescribed for loads. According to the authors, this is only a trial modification, from which we can assume the upcoming release of updated versions of the mod with a large number of trailers with loads.


Updated: 2019-12-26
Because of: Added version for ETS2 1.30