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Trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2

New trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2Are all the trucks in ETS 2 fed up with you? Want a change? In this case, you should definitely be interested in this section. A large number of mods have been released for Euro Truck Simulator 2, many of which add new vehicles to the game. Everyone knows that tractors are a key part of the game. Since if you drive, it’s only behind the wheel of that virtual truck that really brings you pleasure. We recommend even immediately after downloading and familiarizing yourself with the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, install modifications so that you can immediately appreciate all the features of the game project.

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Peterbilt 281 and 351

7 340
1.27 - 1.36
Mod Peterbilt 281 and 351 for ETS 2

The range of classic American trucks Peterbilt 281 and 351 was precisely recreated in the ETS 2 thanks to high-quality three-dimensional models. The authors implemented a pair of cabins, the usual one with a sleeping bag, eight types of chassis, the same number of gearboxes and fourteen engines of various powers. In addition, the mod contains a rich assortment of parts for tuning, 32 characteristic skins, a set of your own sounds and an original interior.

mTG, Jawa, Stas556, Kriechbaum, Mikhail Iontsev

Updated: 2020-01-21
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.35 - 1.36

Volvo VNL Series - Truck Shop

5 802
1.27 - 1.40
Mod Volvo VNL Series - Truck Shop for ETS 2

American representatives of Volvo heavy trucks continue to conquer the vastness of the ETS 2 simulator. This time we have at our disposal a whole series of Volvo VNL tractors. The authors managed to fit several trucks in one slot at once. The player is available a large number of variations of the chassis, engines, gearboxes and a pair of cabs with an original interior. An impressive arsenal for tuning will not leave anyone indifferent.

SCS, BigBob, chashkin23, odd_fellow, piva, DANZ, Stels

Updated: 2021-04-03
Because of: Added version 1.5 for ETS2 1.39 - 1.40

Gazelle - GAZ-2705, 2784, 3302, 330202 and 33023

59 169
1.27 - 1.40
Mod Gazelle - GAZ-2705, 2784, 3302, 330202 and 33023 for ETS 2

Fans of Euro Truck Simulator 2 have a long-awaited opportunity to experience in the game world Russian Gazelle cars of almost all generations and modifications. Thanks to the grandiose mod, now in the game small-tonnage cars produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant are available for purchase. Upon purchase, a huge selection of chassis, cabs, engines, dashboards and much more will be provided, and for tuning there is an assortment of spare parts.


Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.39 - 1.40

Mack Anthem

8 495
1.27 - 1.37
Mod Mack Anthem for ETS 2

The new flagship from the American manufacturer of heavy trucks, the Mack Anthem tractor, is presented in Euro Truck Simulator 2 with highly executed visualization. The authors implemented four cabins, seven types of chassis, several powerful engines and a series of gearboxes with original characteristics. Of particular note is the authentic interior, a set of branded accessories for external tuning and characteristic skins.

Franck_peru, yekko-yek

Updated: 2020-05-07
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.37

Iveco Magirus 360M

6 164
1.27 - 1.34
Mod Iveco Magirus 360M for ETS 2

The Iveco Magirus 360M truck has been recreated for the ETS 2 using a high-quality, detailed 3D model. The authors of the modification implemented two types of cabs, chassis, gearboxes and an engine with original characteristics. Particularly noteworthy is the elaborate classic interior of the cabin with the ability to install characteristic accessories, as well as branded wheels with tires.

Ventyres, Mixer66, Ravoledo, CyrusTheVirus

Updated: 2019-12-23
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34

Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great

8 453
1.27 - 1.39
Mod Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great for ETS 2

The mod of the Fuso Super Great truck is presented in the highest quality of execution, the modification includes a wide range of engines of various power, several gearboxes and a chassis of various lengths with 4x2 and 6x4 wheel formulas. Fans of the ETS 2 simulator will be pleasantly surprised by the high-quality interior with prescribed animation, branded items for external tuning, own physics and a set of original sounds.

Koutsu, Inonaka, dorobuta

Updated: 2021-03-24
Because of: Added version 1.392 for ETS2 1.39

Scania NextGen

6 123
Mod Scania NextGen for ETS 2

The mod offers players Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.28 to experience the new Scania New Generation S and R tractors, added by the developers of SCS Software in versions starting from 1.30. The trucks are completely autonomous and are prescribed in a separate slot, the modification offers three chassis options, original engines with characteristic sounds, own gearboxes and a set of branded accessories, as well as new interior interiors.

SCS Software, Sebastian Strobel (DaStrobel)

Volvo FMX 8x4

10 288
1.25 - 1.37
Mod Volvo FMX 8x4 for ETS 2

The Volvo FMX 500 truck is built on a chassis with an 8x4 wheel arrangement; a tipper body designed for transporting bulk cargo is mounted on the frame. On the technical side, three engines with a capacity of 500, 700 and 750 horsepower with their own set of sound effects, and a pair of twelve speed gearboxes were implemented. There is an animation of the exhaust effect and the ability to smoothly turn on interior lighting.

Jon Ruda, Wendigo, Mistersix

Updated: 2020-05-11
Because of: Added a new version from 10.04.2020 for ETS2 1.37

Tow truck Scania Streamline

7 708
1.28 - 1.31
Mod Tow truck Scania Streamline for ETS 2

The Scania Streamline tow truck is implemented using a truck included in the standard vehicle fleet of the simulator. A special platform was installed on the heavy chassis, which allows transporting faulty freight vehicles. The authors adorned all this miracle of technical thought with a bright skin. In addition to the car itself, transport companies will have new tasks for towing domestic trucks and even the K-701 tractor.


Volvo FM13

4 507
1.28 - 1.40
Mod Volvo FM13 for ETS 2

A series of heavy trucks Volvo FM is presented in Euro Truck Simulator 2 on the tractor chassis, if desired, the player can choose the most suitable wheel formula for the intended tasks, as well as the engine or gearbox. As for accessories for external tuning, it does not sparkle with an abundance of the number of objects, however, in it you can find everything you need to give individuality and brightness to your steel horse.

AU44, Mjtemdark

Updated: 2021-04-04
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.40