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Truck mod Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2 v.1.14 - 1.40

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Huge tractor mod Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2

The American Kenworth W900 Long tractor can rightfully be called a motor home. The huge size of the cabin with a living compartment and incredible power allows you to transport goods of various weights at any distance. Engineers solved the problem of driver comfort, on such a car even the longest and most exhausting trips for truckers would seem like an easy walk. The player will be delivered a lot of happy game hours completing the tasks of transport companies with the transportation of oversized cargo.

The mod of the huge powerful Kenworth W900 Long truck for Euro Truck Simulator 2 looks very unusual. Massiveness and brutality is the hobby by which you can recognize the real professional managing such a liner. The ETS 2 simulator did not yet know such giants, equipped with a set of original engines, gearboxes and characteristic wheels. When creating an individual exterior of a virtual trucker, a decent assortment of spare parts is waiting for you. But the most impressive thing is when you visit the cab of a truck. This is not even just a salon, but a real apartment with a full kitchen, a bedroom and a large number of compartments for storing personal belongings.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.14 - 1.40
For sale in salons: Iveco or MAN, depending on the version of the simulator
Author(s) mod:
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.14 - 1.20
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.18 - 1.23
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.24 - 1.25
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.26
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.27 - 1.30
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.31
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.31 - 1.34
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.35 - 1.36
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.37 - 1.38
Download Kenworth W900 Long for ETS 2: 1.39 - 1.40

Updated: 2021-04-02
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.39 - 1.40

Dear user of the site, carrying out the transportation of goods on the virtual roads of Europe, for a variety of gameplay, do not forget to download and install new maps for any version of the simulator ETS 2!

Kenworth truck tractor

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  1. Eva
    08-03-2018 в 08:55
    Вот это да! Очень интересная модель Kenworth W900 Long. Хорошая графика и интересные функции. Можно быть занятым выполнением заданий находясь в кабине с шикарным салоном, набором инструментов, но и в то же время отвлечься на жизнь в небольшом доме на колесах. Для любителей путешествий с комфортом, пусть даже и виртуальных. :winked:
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