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Car mod Fiat Ducato for ETS 2 v.1.24 - 1.38

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Fiat Ducato van mod for ETS 2

For the past few years, the Fiat Ducato commercial van has firmly taken its rightful place in our lives. Day after day, we see these representatives of the Italian automobile industry on the roads of our cities and villages, delivering small consignments of cargo, rushing to the aid of ambulances and transporting minibuses. The range of modifications is very wide, and the total mass of the car is striking in its range, from 2.5 to 4 tons. The wheelbase also varies, varying in height. Engineers' achievements allowed the car to leave far behind its competitors, even such eminent ones as the Renualt L2H2, whose carrying capacity does not exceed 1.5 tons.

The Fiat Ducato van model in the Combi modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a thoroughly accurate recreated interior, decorated in bright colors, is represented by a minibus designed to carry nine passengers. The authors have done a lot of work to accurately convey the real workplace of the driver, as evidenced by the original dashboard with fully functioning arrows, switches and levers. The Fiat passenger minibus can be painted in any color, and also when buying a virtual driver can choose a more suitable type of door, either ordinary, sliding to the side or a large, double-wing with panoramic glazing.

In any ETS 2 car repair shop simulator, the player has the opportunity to change the suspension to an understated one, install or replace body kits, sills, mirrors, radiator grills and much more to painted or made of plastic. In addition, to increase the realism of the gameplay, an additional option has been added for placing passengers both in the cabin and in the front seat next to the driver.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.24 - 1.38
For sale in salons: DAF
Author(s) mod:
Download Fiat Ducato for ETS 2: 1.26
Download Fiat Ducato for ETS 2: 1.24 - 1.30
Download Fiat Ducato for ETS 2: 1.31 - 1.33
Download Fiat Ducato for ETS 2: 1.31 - 1.36
Download Fiat Ducato for ETS 2: 1.37
Download Fiat Ducato for ETS 2: 1.38

Updated: 2020-10-20
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.38

Dear site user, for cargo transportation by passenger car, do not forget to download and install the mod Passenger trailer for all ETS 2 simulator versions!

Fiat van minibus

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