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Car mod Volkswagen Crafter MK2 for ETS 2 v.1.35 - 1.40

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Mod car Volkswagen Crafter MK2, sample 2019 for ETS 2

Modern economical commercial vehicle Volkswagen Crafter-MK2, from the German company Volkswagen, combines a series of vehicles, including vans, vans and small trucks. Quite often, some instances of these cars, along with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, can be found on the streets of our cities, carrying passengers and small shipments.

Mod car Volkswagen Crafter MK2, sample 2019 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is universal in that one modification includes two versions of the vehicle, a minibus and an all-metal van. A nice addition for virtual drivers simulator ETS 2 will be that the cabin can accommodate passengers, thus feel like a bus driver. Mod developers have recreated the interior of the cabin with animation, added a couple of types of wheels, branded skins and the ability to transport a light trailer with a towbar.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.35 - 1.40
For sale in salons: In all
Author(s) mod:

Updated: 2021-04-02
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.40

Dear site user, for cargo transportation by passenger car, do not forget to download and install the mod Passenger trailer for all ETS 2 simulator versions!

Volkswagen minibus van

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