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Other mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Other mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2The number of modifications for the well-known and popular game project Euro Truck Simulator 2 is growing rapidly, which also contributes to the popularization of the game. If you want to change the game for the better, then mods will definitely help you do this. Some users are not happy with textures; others are not impressed with too banal traffic. Someone thinks that in ETS 2 the graphics are too outdated. All these accumulated problems can be solved with the help of several mods. Our site, in turn, will try to regularly publish innovations for Euro Truck Simulator 2, so that you independently upgrade the game without much effort and waste of time!

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Scania NextGen S - Ghost Screen

2 466
1.32 - 1.33
Mod Scania NextGen S - Ghost Screen for ETS 2

The Scania NextGen S Ghost Screen mod adds standard brand new digital LED dashboards to the standard trucks of the Scania NextGen S series trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2. The supplement does not affect conventional devices, but adds them to existing ones. When buying a tractor from a player, there is a choice of a new interior with a corresponding panel. The mod is small in size and does not load the game in any way.

Metehan BILAL - Huseyin ULKEN

Google Maps voice navigator

3 812
Mod Google Maps voice navigator for ETS 2

The Google Maps voice navigation mod will help Euro Truck Simulator 2 players easily navigate the vast expanses of virtual gaming freeways, city streets and endless rural roads. The supplement uses the navigation of the cartographic service Google Maps, and in addition to the Russian language, it is available in six more, in addition, you can choose a voice assistant, that is, speech can be conducted in both male and female voices.

Luuk Faasse

Realistic advertising

1 004
1.27 - 1.34
Mod Realistic advertising for ETS 2

An interesting mod, Real Advertisements, which increases the perception of realism in ETS 2 by replacing standard advertising posters with new ones. After the installation of the modification, on billboards located along roads and streets, almost all advertisements will be replaced with manufacturers of famous drinks, animal feed, fast food restaurants, transport companies, luxury perfumes and many other products from well-known and popular brands.

Sinagrit Baba

Tractor New Holland

2 415
1.27 - 1.34
Mod Tractor New Holland for ETS 2

The New Holland tractor is designed to greatly diversify the gameplay in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. The player has six engines, five gearboxes, a cab color in any color, including metallic type, the installation of various accessories for outdoor tuning, as well as visualization of the exhaust from the pipes. In addition, special agricultural trailers available for purchase have been added for the current versions of ETS 2.

Souza SG

HN Immersive Symbols

1.27 - 1.33
Mod HN Immersive Symbols for ETS 2

A small but very useful addition that gives more realism to the game world of the ETS 2 simulator. With its help, glowing animated markers are removed from active zones, and in some cases are replaced with covers from wells. So, for example, the player will no longer be annoyed by flashing translucent barriers that indicate the end of the road, and the loading and unloading area will be indicated by striped striped cones.


Head-Up Display

1 672
1.27 - 1.30
Mod Head-Up Display for ETS 2

The Head-Up Display mod does not bring any radical changes to the gameplay of the ETS 2 simulator, but is most likely created for a better visual experience. With his help, in trucks equipped with a standard car navigator, it becomes possible to install a projection GPS navigator mounted in the windshield. Installation of the accessory is standard, and is available both when buying a tractor, and when upgrading it in the garage.


Graphic Mod - MG Media

1 391
Mod Graphic Mod - MG Media for ETS 2

The new graphic mod with the original name MG Media in full changes the game world closer to realism. The developers have changed the color schemes of day and night, as well as the characteristics of illumination, depending on weather conditions. In addition, almost all textures were replaced with high-resolution counterparts. Thus, the player will appear updated roads, buildings, vegetation and much more.

MG Media Graphics, SCS Software

Female driver

1 498
1.28 - 1.31
Mod Female driver for ETS 2

The female driver's mod will be a great gift for lovers to sit behind the wheel of a virtual truck. Now, instead of the standard trucker, the driver’s cabin will be decorated with a pretty slender girl in a pink sweater with a thematic inscription and jeans. Modders tried to implement animation of a new character without errors, their hands are exactly located on the steering wheel, and when turning the steering wheel there are completely no bugs and inaccuracies.

FloppySRB, SCS, Alexey_P

HQ Rain & Thunder

1 449
1.27 - 1.33
Mod HQ Rain & Thunder for ETS 2

Many gamers were not particularly pleased with the performance of tasks during inclement weather, so the bulk of the players sought to turn off the weather function in the ETS 2 settings. Now you can reconsider your views on the rainy sky, because the new HQ Rain & Thunder mod significantly improves the effects of rain and thunder , giving more realism to raindrops on the glass of the cockpit due to high-quality textures and new sounds of thunder.

Kairi Akai

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 4.2 for ETS2 1.32 - 1.33

Realistic Truck Physics

3 033
1.28 - 1.37
Mod Realistic Truck Physics for ETS 2

The physics of control and behavior of trucks on the road is one of the important features of the gameplay, so many players want to improve this indicator using various add-ons. Fortunately, for the latest versions of ETS 2, a new author’s mod called U.R Physics Mod has been released, which fundamentally changes the physics of standard vehicles for the better, bringing game action closer to realism.

Frkn64 Modding

Updated: 2020-06-12
Because of: Added version 6.1 for ETS2 1.37