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Truck mod Peterbilt 389 for ETS 2 v.1.17 - 1.39

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Mod powerful truck Peterbilt 389 for ETS 2

The popularity of representatives of American classic trucks in the simulator is growing day by day, this time the author’s Peterbilt 389 tractor with a characteristic engine compartment, an abundance of chrome in the trim of the cab and a huge comfortable compartment for drivers to relax is presented. ETS 2 players are happy to use such trucks, as they bring maximum novelty and variety to the gameplay, and the execution of orders, including the transportation of oversized cargo, turns into a real pleasure.

The heavy truck mod Peterbilt 389 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a very rich technical stuffing. At a car dealership, when buying a tractor, a trucker can choose a suitable truck configuration from a huge selection of components: several types of chassis, a dozen gearboxes and more than thirty engines of a wide range of power and manufacturers. And when creating an individual look of a truck, you can take advantage of a wide range of additional tuning elements and additional spare parts. In addition, the developers ideally recreated the interior of the cabin with two types of instrument panel, a budget one made of plastic and a luxury one with wood trim.

Tested on ETS2 versions: 1.17 - 1.39
For sale in salons: Iveco
Author(s) mod:
Download Peterbilt 389 v.base for ETS 2: 1.17 - 1.18
Download Peterbilt 389 v.1.9 for ETS 2: 1.19 - 1.21
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.0 for ETS 2: 1.22 - 1.23
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.0.5 for ETS 2: 1.24 - 1.25
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.0.8 for ETS 2: 1.26
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.0.9 for ETS 2: 1.27
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.1.0 for ETS 2: 1.27 - 1.30
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.1.0 for ETS 2: 1.31 - 1.34
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.2.3 for ETS 2: 1.35 - 1.36
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.3 for ETS 2: 1.37 - 1.38
Download Peterbilt 389 v.2.3 for ETS 2: 1.39

Updated: 2021-03-24
Because of: Added version 2.3 for ETS2 1.39

Dear user of the site, carrying out the transportation of goods on the virtual roads of Europe, for a variety of gameplay, do not forget to download and install new maps for any version of the simulator ETS 2!

Peterbilt truck tractor

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  1. 24-04-2018 в 09:32
    Американские классические грузовики - это супер. Причём как в жизни так и в симуляторах. Иногда кажется что виртуальная реальность полностью переходит в реальную и ты мчишь по Техасу на этой мощной машине
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