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Buses for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Buses for Euro Truck Simulator 2Does the number of vehicles such as buses seem minimal? In this case, you should take care of the variety. Yet passenger transportation is not in last place in the case of Euro Truck Simulator 2, they are interested in a large number of players. In order to significantly increase the number of buses, a lot of effort is not necessary. It is enough to install special mods. List of existing vehicles for ETS 2 can be very long. But it’s obvious that if you want to make the game as diverse as possible, you should have enough mods, with which we can help you!

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Modasa Zeus 2

1 060
1.28 - 1.31, 1.37 - 1.38
Mod Modasa Zeus 2 for ETS 2

The double-decker Zeus 2 bus from the Peruvian company Modasa will noticeably bring diversity to the ETS 2 simulator. The authors have implemented several engines and gearboxes, the original interior of the cabin with its own animation has been recreated to the smallest detail. Completely redesigned physics makes driving as comfortable as possible, and a set of characteristic sound effects brings the virtual gaming world closer to reality.

Jarvy Soche, Javier Toapanta / ModsFreeBR

Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added new version by ModsFreeBR for ETS2 1.37 - 1.38

Mercedes-Benz Monobloco O-362

1 724
1.24 - 1.35
Mod Mercedes-Benz Monobloco O-362 for ETS 2

The vintage Mercedes-Benz Monobloco O-362 passenger bus will fit perfectly into the landscape of both standard Euro Truck Simulator 2 virtual roads and additional maps of South America, as it was designed specifically for developing countries in this region. The smoothness of the lines of the body, the style of the sixties of the last century, will not leave indifferent the players of the simulator. The transport has no tuning, but there are original skins.

Juan Alves

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 1.3 for ETS2 1.35

Marcopolo GV 1150

1 121
1.24 - 1.33
Mod Marcopolo GV 1150 for ETS 2

The Marcopolo GV 1150 regular bus from Brazilian passenger transport manufacturers is starting to conquer the virtual spaces of the ETS 2 simulator. The new transport is made with photographic accuracy, the authors added a wide range of powertrains, and the original interior was reproduced, where passengers can be accommodated. To give brightness to the appearance of the player will find a suitable corporate skin.

TavoBus, Luiz2510, Manuel DS

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 2.0 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.33

Comil Invictus 1200

1 981
1.27 - 1.36
Mod Comil Invictus 1200 for ETS 2

Brazilian coach bus Comil Invictus 1200 recreated on a standard chassis, using the actual characteristics of the engine, has a choice of two gearboxes. A virtual driver can use glass tinting, a choice of an information board under the windshield with a route designation, and several original branded skins. The authors prescribed animation of the instruments and switches in the cabin and steering wheel adjustment.

Countach, Robson Santana + Jozz

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added beta version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.36

Volvo 9800

4 602
1.27 - 1.37
Mod Volvo 9800 for ETS 2

Mods of passenger vehicles are often created by the authors of modifications, however, the Volvo 9800 series of buses is unique, as we have two versions of vehicles that occupy a couple of slots in the car dealership. If desired, the player can choose the most suitable. A virtual driver can decorate his steel friend with one of the colorful skins, customize it to your liking and place it in the passenger compartment.


Updated: 2020-05-11
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.35 - 1.37

Comil Campione 3.45

1 205
1.27 - 1.34
Mod Comil Campione 3.45 for ETS 2

The Brazilian bus Comil Campione 3.45 will now start plying the roads of virtual Europe. If desired, the player can choose their favorite engine with gearbox, decorate the exterior of a small set of accessories and paint it with fifteen bright skins. The developers of the mod prescribed their own physics of behavior, realized the effect of smoke, the opening passenger door and much more.

Countach, Robson Santana + Jozz

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 1.0 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34

Scania Busscar Panoramico DD

1 346
1.27 - 1.38
Mod Scania Busscar Panoramico DD for ETS 2

A series of tourist buses Scania Busscar Panoramico DD designed for long-distance routes begins to travel on the roads of virtual maps of Europe and copyright locations. The mod is made in high quality, when it was created by the developers, a solid three-dimensional model was used. The authors have implemented several options for engines, gearboxes, added a set of original sound effects and several branded skins.

Linux, Megaking + Jozz, Valera_T

Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.37 - 1.38

Comil Campione 3.65

1 029
1.24 - 1.38
Mod Comil Campione 3.65 for ETS 2

The tourist bus Comil Campione 3.65 is a joint brainchild of Brazilian designers and engineers from Mercedes-Benz, which gave it many similarities with German transport. The virtual version of the bus is very easy to manage, the authors implemented the characteristic engine and gearbox, the original interior of the cabin with animation, added a set of their own sound effects and five signature skins.

Lucas Morais, Joao Pedro, Equipe zm, Juan pereira

Updated: 2020-08-10
Because of: Added version 4.0 for ETS2 1.37 - 1.38

Scania Touring K360

1 909
1.24 - 1.34
Mod Scania Touring K360 for ETS 2

The comfortable Scania Touring K360 bus in the right-hand drive version will allow you to easily deal with passenger transportation on locations with left-hand traffic. The player’s choice is provided with a wide range of technical fillings and a small set of items for external tuning. The authors recreated the original interior of the cabin and prescribed support for DLC Toys, and the inherent physics of behavior will give the ride maximum comfort.

Agus, Auvro

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34

Maruti / Ashok Leyland

3 655
1.27 - 1.31
Mod Maruti / Ashok Leyland for ETS 2

The new Maruti / Ashok Leyland bus from the homeland of tea, elephants and endless warm sandy beaches will now delight fans of the ETS 2 simulator. The Indian vehicle is built on a two-axle chassis, has a right-hand drive, which simplifies the transportation of passengers on UK roads and on new maps that implement some Asian left-hand drive countries. Players will be satisfied with the technical equipment and spare parts.

Team KBS