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Buses for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Buses for Euro Truck Simulator 2Does the number of vehicles such as buses seem minimal? In this case, you should take care of the variety. Yet passenger transportation is not in last place in the case of Euro Truck Simulator 2, they are interested in a large number of players. In order to significantly increase the number of buses, a lot of effort is not necessary. It is enough to install special mods. List of existing vehicles for ETS 2 can be very long. But it’s obvious that if you want to make the game as diverse as possible, you should have enough mods, with which we can help you!

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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Irizar i8

7 136
1.25 - 1.35
Mod Irizar i8 for ETS 2

Spanish buses Irizar i8 is almost impossible to meet on roads outside this country, since they are not supplied to the international market. However, Euro Truck Simulator 2 players have the opportunity to experience a virtual version of this engineering miracle. The passenger vehicle has a single chassis, four engine options and three gearboxes. The passenger compartment is reproduced with precision and has an animation of the instruments.


Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 1.0 new for ETS2 1.31 - 1.35

Neoplan Jetliner MT

1 336
1.24 - 1.32
Mod Neoplan Jetliner MT for ETS 2

The Neoplan Jetliner MT passenger bus was produced until 2000. It gained special popularity in the countries of Asia, where it is successfully operated today in suburban and intercity routes. The virtual version of the transport has a right-hand drive configuration; the set contains three types of engines and gearboxes. There is a choice of several branded skins, two types of interior, a sound pack and additional attributes.

Lukman Hakim Afifurahman, Alien Art Design, Indra Kurniawan

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 2.0 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.32

MAN Lion’s Coach

2 092
1.27 - 1.34, 1.38 - 1.39
Mod MAN Lion’s Coach for ETS 2

The second generation of the popular Man Lion’s Coach bus, model 2002, on a 4x2 chassis. In technical terms, the vehicle is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 420 horsepower and a six-speed gearbox. The add-on kit includes a pair of skins and a scheme for your own color coloring. The player has the ability to open and close the door with the appropriate key.

Metehan Bilal, OyuncuyusBis, Harun Aras, Helvete, İsmail Arslan, Artin Kazanciyan, Trzpro, Abdullah Zengin, Kaptan06, Kadir Yağız

Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.39

Yutong ZK6146H

1 278
1.27 - 1.30
Mod Yutong ZK6146H for ETS 2

Developing by leaps and bounds, China at the CIAPE exhibition in Beijing in 2009 introduced the comfortable Yutong ZK6146H tourist bus from Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co. Thanks to the efforts of the authors of the mod, we have the opportunity to test this miracle of engineering. The bus is built on a chassis with a 4x2 wheel arrangement, is equipped with a 360 horsepower engine and a six-speed gearbox, has a pack of original sounds.


Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1550 LD

1 850
1.27 - 1.34
Mod Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1550 LD for ETS 2

Bus Marcopolo Paradiso G6 1550 LD, from a well-known Brazilian manufacturer, built on a chassis with a 6x2 wheel arrangement, the authors of the mod implemented a functional of twelve engines and six gearboxes with their own physics and a pack of original sounds. For the player, several colorful skins are available, the ability to tint glass, it is available to seat in the passenger compartment, as well as change the color scheme of the seats, curtains and interior.

Megaking, Carlos, Linux

Updated: 2019-12-24
Because of: Added version 2.0 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34

Marcopolo Torino GVI

1 069
1.24 - 1.35
Mod Marcopolo Torino GVI for ETS 2

The 1999 Marcopolo Torino GVI bus fits perfectly into the standard gaming world, bringing a lot of novelty to the simulator roads. The authors realized the possibility of boarding passengers in the cabin and changing the colors of the original skin. The technical part offers three engines with power from 320 to 408 horsepower and the same number of gearboxes. The developers prescribed the animation of the buttons and the operation of the panel devices.

Giliard Teixeira, Talyson Henrique, Fabian Espinoza, Paulo Marcos, Lukas Siveira

Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.35

Mercedes-Benz Travego 2016

2 981
1.24 - 1.36
Mod Mercedes-Benz Travego 2016 for ETS 2

Coaches Mercedes-Benz Travego densely settled on the roads of Europe, on the expanses of many routes you can meet these representatives of passenger transport. Convenience and comfort, this is the most important purpose of machines. The salon is equipped with a refrigerator, coffee machine, air conditioning and microwave, coupled with anatomical seats, allowing passengers to travel many hours of travel without fatigue.


Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added version 4.0 for ETS2 1.35 - 1.36


4 177
1.24 - 1.38
Mod PAZ-3205 for ETS 2

The test version of the Russian bus PAZ-3205 ETS 2. At the moment, there is no own original cabin, so when playing in the first-person mode, the player will be in the cabin of the KAMAZ truck. However, the model of the passenger vehicle itself is well developed, and the texture of a real existing bus is used to paint the bodywork.

Виталий Иванушкин

Updated: 2021-03-20
Because of: Added a new test version for ETS2 1.37 - 1.38

MAN Lion's Regio

1 426
1.24 - 1.33
Mod MAN Lion's Regio for ETS 2

A comfortable universal bus MAN Lion's Regio with an original carefully designed passenger compartment and a driver's cab, has several body coloring skins, a navigator that extends from the GPS panel, animated devices and switches, working wipers and the ability to adjust the steering wheel position.


Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added version 1.0 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.33

Modasa Zeus 3

1 314
1.25 - 1.30
Mod Modasa Zeus 3 for ETS 2

The Zeus 3 bus from the Peruvian company Modasa is presented in the simulator in high quality, there is a choice of four types of engines, thirty skins for coloring the body, the ability to turn on the light in the cabin, there is the possibility of tinting windows. Fans of the game will be pleasantly surprised by passengers inside the vehicle and their own original pack of sounds.

Ronald Cruz, Fabian Espinoza, Hector Kachuk, Rafael Rodrigues, Paulo Marcos, Leon DG

Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added version for ETS2 1.28 - 1.30