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Cars for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Cars for Euro Truck Simulator 2Who says that only trucks are important in Euro Truck Simulator 2? Only an explicit beginner who has spent few hours in a game project can say so. Cars this is an important feature of the game. And without this feature, there would not be so much attention to the simulator. Unfortunately, by default there are not many cars in the game. But this fact should not sadden you. After all, there are many mods that easily solve our problem, adding many new passenger vehicles. Mods are released regularly, so your traffic will never be monotonous. Already, many modifications are available for Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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VAZ 2108

8 403
1.24 - 1.40
Mod VAZ 2108 for ETS 2

The dream of Soviet motorists of the late eighties, the front-wheel drive passenger car VAZ 2108 is now in the simulator. The authors realized a car of the first years of production, characterized by the presence of a low panel and a short wing. Unfortunately, there are no elements of external tuning, but the player has access to a classic engine with a gearbox and two sets of tires with tires. On the road, the simulator looks very realistic.

Даня Шевчук, Fenix

Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added version 2.02 for ETS2 1.39 - 1.40

Renault Symbol

3 648
1.25 - 1.34
Mod Renault Symbol for ETS 2

French cars Renault Symbol daily conquer hundreds of thousands of kilometers of roads in all corners of the world, small size, convenience and efficiency have allowed the car to become quite popular in many countries of the world. The virtual version of Renault exactly repeats the contours of its real brother thanks to the high-quality model. There are two branded engines, a characteristic set of spare parts and original rims with tires.

Huseyin Karadana, Vs Yasaktar, Ayi Eplenceler

Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34

Volkswagen Crafter

4 426
1.24 - 1.34
Mod Volkswagen Crafter for ETS 2

Commercial vehicles Volkswagen Crafter have long and firmly entered the life of western carriers, body variations allow the van to be used in many transportation industries. Our Volkswagen can be painted in any color, choose the appropriate engine for your needs with a characteristic sound pack, and gearbox. The player will be surprised by the presence of several options for the interior of the cabin with animation of instruments and its own GPS navigator.

Diablo, DamianSVW

Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added version 1.0 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34

BMW M5 Touring

3 230
1.25 - 1.39
Mod BMW M5 Touring for ETS 2

Passenger cars in the station wagon body were always positioned as a family car for picnic trips or shopping trips, one of these options was the popular BMW of the fifth series. The BMW M5 Touring in the virtual plan is quite high quality, the player is available in two types of interior in different colors, a dozen engines and original wheels. The authors registered the animation of the dashboard, working mirrors and GPS navigator.

GRM Modding, Klolo901, TruckersMP

Updated: 2021-03-21
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.39

Fiat 131

3 154
1.24 - 1.36
Mod Fiat 131 for ETS 2

Fiat 131 can rightfully be called the elder brother of the Russian classic VAZ cars. Through close cooperation, the designers of the machine received many similarities. The virtual version of the Fiat is equipped with a set of three engines with its own set of sounds for each, two options for the chassis, the usual and underestimated. The authors succeeded in realizing the interior decoration in two colors with full animation of the instruments, buttons and indicators.

By_KeReMM, Farzad Ghadiri, Unic

Updated: 2020-03-02
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.36

Shelby GT500

3 924
1.25 - 1.35
Mod Shelby GT500 for ETS 2

The Shelby GT500 is an improved version of the iconic Ford Mustang, featuring more sophisticated technical features and luxury interior and exterior finishes. Car from the movie: Gone in 60 seconds in the simulator is presented with a set of three powerful engines. Demanding players will be able to paint the body in any color, including a metallic shade, and a detailed interior with original animation will be a small surprise.

Forza Motorsport 3, Gambarotto

Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added new beta version for ETS2 1.31 - 1.35

Fiat Tipo

3 344
1.26 - 1.30, 1.37 - 1.38, 1.40
Mod Fiat Tipo for ETS 2

The Fiat Tipo car is implemented in the game as a universal modification, when you visit a car dealership, a player in one slot can find a car in two body types at once: a hatchback and a sedan, and choose the most suitable option for yourself. If desired, there is the possibility of selecting alloy wheels and tires. A recreated characteristic interior of the cabin with partially prescribed functionality of the instrument shooters will help to comply with the high-speed mode.

Metehan Bilal, Emir Bardakci, Huseyin Ulken

Updated: 2021-03-25
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.40

Porsche Panamera Turbo

5 253
1.24 - 1.49
Mod Porsche Panamera Turbo for ETS 2

The Porsche Panamera Turbo sports car was moved from the Forza Motorsport 3 racing simulator. The virtual brother of the sports car exactly reproduces his real prototype, the same silhouette, the same air lines. The car has original wheels with tires, the player has the opportunity to paint the body in any color, including metallic. Inside, functional mirrors, instrument arrows and a standard GPS navigator are registered.

Forza Motorsport 3, GVModding³D, Unic, Gambarotto, Nimit, Mert İrşi

Updated: 2024-02-10
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.49

Fiat Ducato

4 769
1.24 - 1.38
Mod Fiat Ducato for ETS 2

The nine-passenger Fiat Ducato minibus enables the player to feel like a fixed-route taxi driver, because the add-on has a very interesting possibility of placing passengers inside the passenger compartment and in the front seat. If necessary, you can change the type of door from ordinary to double-wing with panoramic glazing. The rich functionality of tuning items will allow gamers to brightly decorate their car, making it more presentable.

By_KeReMM, Huseyin Ulken

Updated: 2020-10-20
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.38

BMW M3 E46

5 383
1.24 - 1.34
Mod BMW M3 E46 for ETS 2

BMW E46 is the fourth-generation representative of the third BMW series, the production of which began in 1998 and ended in 2006. In the virtual version of the simulator, we have two types of passenger car in the back of a three-door coupe, the usual production one, and its sports version GTR with two colorful characteristic skins. The modification is equipped with original disks with tires, a palette of sound effects and finely tuned control physics.

Azorax Modding

Updated: 2019-12-25
Because of: Added version 1.5 for ETS2 1.31 - 1.34