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Maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2Tired of standard maps in Euro Truck Simulator 2? There is nothing surprising. The more time you spend in ETS 2, the faster you want to somehow diversify the game, because you’re already used to it. Everyone wants to see new cities, go on long trips to other countries. In the end, see the new expensive ones, so that the game world seems more realistic, not typical. The problem is solved, you just need to download new maps. And since there are many mods in this category, it will not be difficult for you to bring a large share of the variety into the game world. Enjoy the beauty of Euro Truck Simulator 2 without fatigue and annoyance!

Modifications to Euro Truck Simulator 2
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TruckSim map

14 831
1.24 - 1.34
Mod TruckSim map for ETS 2

TruckSim implements a large-scale picturesque mod in Euro Truck Simulator 2 in such European countries as Spain, Croatia, Greece and the countries of North Africa. The supplement combines a large-scale developed road network and ferry services of more than 200 cities with its special architecture and attractions. Each region has its own exotic vegetation, roadside infrastructure, road markings and signs.

TSM Team

Complic Map

5 376
Mod Complic Map for ETS 2

The new colorful Complic Map immerses ETS 2 players in the vibrant and picturesque world of an exotic area. When creating the mod, the authors made maximum emphasis on the recreation of landscapes of the South American continent with mountainous landscapes, outlandish vegetation and special architecture. To enhance the complexity of the route, the developers of the add-ons inserted a significant part of the Transfagaras highway modification, known for its dangerous mountain serpentine, into the project.

Paulo Victor Silva SA

Map of Indonesia - ICRF Map

6 046
1.31 - 1.49
Mod Map of Indonesia - ICRF Map for ETS 2

The Indonesia map mod with the original name ICRF Map was created on a 1:1 scale and adds the new state of Southeast Asia to the ETS 2 game world. The player expects a long path, including narrow streets of provincial cities, rural dirt roads with complex terrain, direct roads with asphalt surface and crossings. The tropical vegetation, the unique exotic architecture, and the originality of the area give a special touch.

Adie, Imtiaz, Evergreen1976

Updated: 2024-02-10
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.49

Mario map

27 004
1.26 - 1.34, 1.38 - 1.40
Mod Mario map for ETS 2

Almost the largest project ever created for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the Mario map mod adds entire regions of Northern and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and America, and the western states of the former USSR, including a significant part of Russia, to the standard game location . Each territory has its own color, buildings, vegetation, day and night, weather conditions, temperature conditions and much more.

Марио Богданов

Updated: 2021-04-08
Because of: Added version 12.8 for ETS2 1.40

Map of Hungary

10 905
1.20 - 1.49
Mod Map of Hungary for ETS 2

Finally, fans of the ETS 2 simulator got the opportunity to conquer the roads of Hungary. The new map mod is very large-scale, the developer has implemented 70 large settlements with a rich simulation of life. In addition, the author managed to convey the true atmosphere of the road economy of this state. The complexity of the roads will allow the player to hone his driving skills, and on some sections of the routes to apply his truck driving skills.


Updated: 2024-02-10
Because of: Added version 0.9.28b for ETS2 1.49

Map of Romania - Romania Extended

20 805
1.30 - 1.38
Mod Map of Romania - Romania Extended for ETS 2

Romania, a state located in Eastern Europe, is now available for players to conquer Euro Truck Simulator 2. The author managed to implement in the game not only 44 settlements united by a large network of roads, the state itself, but also several border territories of neighboring countries. The mod is fully compatible with many popular additional authoring locations, so any errors in the game are completely eliminated.


Updated: 2020-08-10
Because of: Added version 2.7 for ETS2 1.38

Republic of Aloma

3 264
1.30, 1.32 - 1.35
Mod Republic of Aloma for ETS 2

The fictional state - the Republic of Aloma totals about thirty large settlements and cities located on a vast territory. Settlements are united by an extensive network of highways, both highways, gravel and unpaved, not displayed on the radar, which allows the player to explore the new map with interest. In addition, the characteristics of the traffic are completely redesigned and the colorful area is recreated.


Updated: 2019-12-23
Because of: Added new version for ETS2 1.35

Czech map

7 255
1.30 - 1.37
Mod Czech map for ETS 2

The original Czech map with the original name Majooou Map implements in the game world of the ETS 2 simulator an autonomous location of the European state. The supplement includes 32 settlements united by a developed road network. New territories with their own transport companies are available for the player to conquer, from the truck window you can see the original buildings, road signs, roads with transport interchanges, and much more.

Majooou_cz and others

Updated: 2020-06-12
Because of: Added version for ETS2 1.37

Map of Amazonas state

5 666
Mod Map of Amazonas state for ETS 2

The new location implements in the simulator ETS 2 a whole exotic state located in the northwestern part of Brazil. The player is waiting for exciting routes that run through agricultural areas, wooden rotten bridges without fences, dirt, gravel and asphalt roads of local importance and high-speed freeways. The authors managed to transfer to the virtual world the whole flavor of the bizarre terrain and nature.

Reinaldo Souza

Bangladesh Map

12 229
1.27 - 1.33
Mod Bangladesh Map for ETS 2

The new project is being implemented in Euro Truck Simulator 2 by the exotic state of Bangladesh, located in Southeast Asia. The virtual driver expects colorful landscapes with peculiar vegetation and quaint buildings. The map is mainly designed for lovers of passenger traffic, so the authors took care of fully functioning bus stations. Interest in the new location adds not quite familiar left-hand traffic.

Md Shahid Ahmed and Team Creative Zone

Updated: 2019-12-23
Because of: Added version 1.0 for ETS2 1.33